Don’t be perfect, be real!

Don’t be perfect, be real!

To me, being perfect is like creating what isn’t there and make it look likes it is there. Being real, it’s way easier, lighter and it is the practice of removing what isn’t You!

It is the same as accepting Yourself where You are right now! If You don’t know something, don’t need to pretend that You know it, simply admit that You don’t, and see it as an opportunity to learn something new. Learning isn’t the competition, rather the gateway to re-discover something don’t know yet, something excited. It is for You and not for showing to others that You have many degrees on the wall. Those days are gone now!

I remember the fight with my dad about leaving my University. He told me that I will end up with nothing as I do not have the paper on the wall, to prove to the society, the system that I was capable of doing a certain thing. I remember I was yelling back at him “I don’t need any approval to be me or to be happy!” Back then it was just anger out of my throat, but deep down I know that what I said was true! I don’t need the approval from anyone to be me, be real, be authentic and I don’t speak out of ego. I speak out of my heart. I also know that my dad loves me so much and sometimes, he confuses with fear. I don’t blame him. The only thing I can do is to live my life as an evidence of my own words. And isn’t because I want to prove myself right and his wrong, but because it is the only way to show him and set him free from worry.

Now my old man happy to see me happy. He starts to ask for my opinions about life and I can be very open with him about everything. I share with him what I have learned over the years away from home. He told me what he has learned from being my dad. We even talk about ego and how much changed I witness in him in my last visit him. We don’t talk every day, but we do feel each other every day in the heart. My prayers have been heard and by living my truth, I support my dad to do the same.

Well, if You are in the similar situation that my dad & I been through. Know that thing takes time and do not give up. When You are true to Yourself, not only Your family will see, feel it. You allow the whole world to learn from You and yet, You are/I am/we are still the student.

Life is a great teacher. It teaches us through all the situations, all lights, and shadows. It shows us the circumstance is real, and that we are creating our realities out of our intentions, words, actions. We have the power to change, to choose what right for us in this very moment. We have the ability to choose it again if it wasn’t the right thing for now. To remember that we are here to learn and life itself is the huge University for us all.

Learn what You want to learn, but do not base on competing with others. Rather based on the calling of the heart.

You don’t have to be the Sunflower if You were born to be the Lavender!