Facing the Shadow

Facing the Shadow

The journey of self-awakening, self-healing, self-love is the circle that has no beginning, no ends.
And isn’t about getting somewhere, but it is about enjoying each step on this path.

Healing is not the archival nor destination, rather the realization that all things have it own places to be. Everything really happens for a reason. And no matter what reason behind it, we are here to learn from life and not to fight against it. Saying is one thing, thinking is another thing and really living this truth is the ultimate practice that one can only do for oneself and not for others.

I am here to remind You this truth. I am not any Guru or master of any kind. I simply am, a light experience this body, this journey just like You are. And as I say; Love is my priority and so I live my life as an evidence of my word.

We are making choices all the time, either we realize it or not. We are the creator of the story, situation that we are living in. The sooner we remember this true, sooner we can make the choice out of our full attention and be more conscious of every choice we make. We then learn to say YES when we feel it’s right for us at this moment. And learn to say NO without feeling the guilt of hurting someone. Because the truth might hurt from the beginning but the lie will bring more suffering in the long run. When we know that all the decisions that we made are the cause of the circumstances in life. We will never want to make the decision based on someone happiness or fear. Because betraying Yourself is one of the most damages that You can ever do. Be truth to Yourself and there is no way You can be un-truth to others.  It’s just not possible. Remember, life is a big mirror. What You treat Yourself, it’s what You treat others. Be kind to Yourself and love Yourself from where You are, here & now. It is the only way You can share this love with the ones in Your life.

If I may suggest You something that works for me on this self-healing, self-love. I would say:

  • Love so unconditionally
  • Be kind and say nice things to Yourself as often as possible.
  • Forgive as fast as You can.
  • Be clear and straight to Yourself.
  • Set Your intention and wait for Your inner self/higher self to guide You.
  • When something goes wrong, look for a solution and not someone to blame.

If You can practice this for Yourself, it will naturally become Your behavior toward people around You. And You will attract more people that live their life similar to You. You then find Your tribe, Your family everywhere You go.
And it’s not the promise of happily ever after life. It’s never about that. You will still face some challenges, but it won’t trouble You that much anymore. You will learn that isn’t about living this life problem-free, but to find Your unique way to face it.

By dancing with the wind, the flow, the sign that life shows us, we become one with it. We learn to be in the shadow with no fear because isn’t the shadow that brings us suffer, but the fear of facing it does. When we learn to embrace the shadow and find the way to bring light into it. It then becomes our guidance. The shadow will teach us the lesson of stillness. In the darkest corner of our being, there is the place that no one allows but ourselves. The empty space that we can sit with it, the place that fear can never enter. But to get there we have to let go of the fear, the doubt and learn to trust even when we can’t see the way. Because isn’t about seeing. But trusting without seeing what may come.

Yes, it sounds crazy for some of You, but this is life. Life is a big mess and we need to learn to swim and see the beauty of this chaos, beyond the chaos it is an order from the Universe. Beyond the pain is the cure that only You know how to bring into practice. Beyond the sickness, it is the medicine that only You know the recipe. But only when You trust in Your heart without questions. And learn to face the shadow that it seems like the Devil at the beginning. Listen what it says, face it as the Creator and not a victim.

Embody Your Creator power that You are. Not the ego creator that like to take the credit, but the ONE that needs no recognition, the ONE that witnesses all that is behind the veil.

~ Maya

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