Moon talk

Moon talk

The Moon kept me awake last night.

My eyes were slowly shutting down, but my heart expands wider than I could ever imagine.
Realizing the truth of this reality. The relationship with all my sisters on this path.

Remembering who You are, it is the same to remember who I really am.
No more holding back to the dust of memories. The sweetness of yesterday, and the unknown of tomorrow.

I am free from all that.
Letting go the arrogant people from my life, it´s the best thing I’ve ever done. Yet, nothing to do but accepting the truth that life has been showing me all along.
Your forest, holy water, mystic jungle is in here inside Your heart, and not somewhere far away.

The sacred being isn’t in a form of spiritual illusion, but simply the intention of raising the awareness on this womb of the Great Mother and allowing the change to take place.

I am not here to play the spiritual ego mind game of knowing more or less than You. I am only here to express myself freely and fearlessly, in hope of seeing, feeling this from You.
I have nothing to hide. There is no place for me to go, for I am here!

I am HOME!