Rising in love

Rising in love

Bom diaβ˜€

We are in the sunny side of Europe! I am so loving Portugal! This is my second time here and I just love the vibration, the breeze, the sun and of course Mama ocean so very much ahaahah (excuse my funny English πŸ˜‚)

It’s funny to write my first blog post again. Again, because I’ve lost all the posts since March this year while trying to fix something on my site. It felt like I lost a big piece of my memory, yet my heart knows that nothing can be lost as my memory not only always online, but I still love that I can share with my love ones a beautiful journey that unfolding for me, in hope to inspire You to find the magic in Your own path.

Life is truly a miracle and I am grateful each day that I have an opportunity to breathe and share my love to the ones around me.

I am learning to love myself so unconditionally just like the way the Sun loves the Ocean πŸŒŠβ˜€β€

~ Maya