What is Your passion?

What is Your passion?

What is Your passion? What makes You smile? What makes Your heart dance? For me, every day is different ahahahh I have lots of passion. I love to crochet and I love to teach others to crochet as well. Crochet is so awesome because You can make things with Your own two hands for Yourself and Your love one.

I also love to share my thoughts and feelings about life. Everything in life is spiritual. We are a spiritual being and not just the flesh and bone. I learn so much in a past years, months, weeks, days, hours. I feel like the source of knowledge and wisdom really inside of us all. When we take the time to connect with it and listen to it, we can learn so much. Even in the difficulty, lies the wisdom. I have the most profound argument with my husband that in the ends everything that I thought fell apart, it slowly finds its own place again. The place that I haven’t seen it before. The right place! I will talk about that in my next letter or video. Just watch out 😉

My passion is also sharing my journey, my truth to my friends, family and even to the stranger. Many times, we take advice from the stranger because there is no emotion attach and we can listen from the heart and not the mind. I want to be able to do that and touch people lives as many have touched my life in such way and now I want to give back.

I want to share without shame, without guilt, without fear that someone out there will judge me. You know why? Because it doesn’t matter. When people judge You, they are not really judging You. They are simply judging themselves. They project what they have in themselves toward You because it is easier to say and point the finger at someone else lives than look within and take care their own lives. So never take it personally. As long as You express from Your heart with no intention to harm anyone, so no one has no right to say anything to You. And if they do, remember it’s never about You.

Here is my space, my home, where I will be sharing everything about my life because I wanted to. I want to be open, transparent, shameless, fearless.

You are welcome to join me here. If I don’t write as often as I wish and You miss me, You can find me on my YouTube because it is easier for me to just talk and upload directly from my phone. Sometimes, I film a short video in the night before bed.

I hope You find this post useful and that You will start to live Your passion and express Your true beauty.

Love You!


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