Wormholes, Portals, Vortex and Pyramids


An artist’s concept of Earth’s magnetic field connecting to the sun’s–a.k.a. a “flux transfer event”–with a spacecraft on hand to measure particles and fields. NASA

   “The tenth portal “portal/umbral/puerta” – will open on the 11.11.11.. It will bring us a ray of vibration that Mother Earth needs.”

“The last one will be on 12.12.12., it is exciting; a new beginning.” He added. Maya Elder

Nasa Science – During the time it takes you to read this article, something will happen high overhead that until recently many scientists didn’t believe in. A magnetic portal will open, linking Earth to the sun 93 million miles away. Tons of high-energy particles may flow through the opening before it closes again, around the time you reach the end of the page. Potential Worlds – 1,235 potential worlds identified by NASA – 50 billion planets in our galaxy? Planet probe spots hot prospects.

Schwarzschild Wormhole – Picture – Allen McCloud, physicist, author, wildlife activist and expert on dolphin behavior and cognition

Geomagnetic fields and the World Grid Theory

Vortex can be a natural earth occurrence or through a pyramid or structure created for that purpose; to manipulate Earth’s geomagnetic field.

  • Some megaliths or structures (pyramids, obelisks, monoliths), can channel the energy as a funnel or whirlpool and create a vortex by manipulating gravity of the earth. In many of these sites magnetic-gravitational anomalies take place.
  • Monoliths are one or several large stones used to build a structure or pyramid.
  • There are several Vortex in the world where ancient civilizations such as Inca, Mexica, Chinese, Babylonian, Egyptian, Maya, and many others, built their pyramids and temples.
  • Vortex or Vortex is the bridge between our dimension and other dimensions.

The Pyramids of Giza represent the three stars of Orion’s Belt and are said to be the connecting door between that dimension and ours. In Teotihuacán – “The Place Where Men Become Gods,” near Mexico City, the pyramids are the mirror of the Orion Belt.


Space-time connected by a tunnel: cosmic shortcuts or superhighways to the stars.

  • The mass distorts the space, and if we can manipulate space and warp it, we can make a space tunnel, shortcut, bridge or a wormhole. If that wormhole constricts in front of us and expands as we pass through it, we can travel faster than the speed of light without our mass expanding.


The Stargate or Astral Doors open through a Vortex. Representations of the “gates” or “portals” (Portales/Umbrales/Puertas) used by visitors from other dimensions, can be found worldwide. These sites, according to local legend, were and are used by “visitors” who travel between our dimension and others.

Energy Lines or Energy Grids

Energy grids are energy points that are a natural occurrence in our planet. When the energy lines cross, the energy force is concentrated and these points of intersection are what we call Vortex.

  • The speed of light is approximately 186,282 mi. per second or 299,792,458 m. per second. Light in a vacuum travels 300,000 km. per second -186,000 mi. per second.
  • Time slows down if we travel under, or at the speed of time.
  • Mass expands if we travel faster than the speed of light.

It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light because the mass expands and becomes bigger; we would blow up. However, if someone travels under, or at the speed of light, time would slow down for the traveler and, at their return to their planet, hundreds of years would have passed. So, what is the logic about thinking that some other beings, in far away galaxies can come and visit us?

The speed of light in vacuum, “c” for “constant” from the Latin celeritas (swift), was used by the Physicist Albert Einstein in 1907 when he postulated his Theory of Relativity: E = mc2 Was Einstein wrong and can something travel faster than the speed of light?

World Grid Theory – A grid is a uniformly spaced line for locating points. It is an intelligent geometric pattern where the energies of the Earth are organized. At their intersections, “sacred sites” were built or venerated by our ancestors. In many of them, ancient civilizations built temples, pyramids or megaliths’. Many sites are famous because of the magnetic anomalies that take place.

  • In 1921, Hermann Weyl proposed the wormhole theory in connection with mass analysis of electromagnetic field energy.
  • In 1935 Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen realized that general relativity allows the existence of “bridges,” originally called Einstein-Rosen bridges but now known as wormholes.
  • In 1957, Wheeler used the term wormhole.
  • Schwarzschild and other physicists have written about them.

The mass distorts the space, and, if we can manipulate space and warp it, we can make a space tunnel, shortcut, bridge or a wormhole. If that wormhole constricts in front of us and expands as we pass through it, we can travel faster than the speed of light without our mass expanding.

  • It has been suggested that tiny bridges or wormholes may appear and disappear spontaneously between our earth and other planets at different times.
  • The bridge or wormhole takes you through a “portal” or gateway, defying inertia, gravity and the speed of light.
  • The amount of energy needed to travel through the wormholes is so big that it has to be produced while traveling; an anti-matter reactor would be needed.
  • In the 1880’s William Hicks discussed the “negative gravity” or antimatter.
  • Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory, outside of Chicago, has been studying and experimenting with the fundamental nature of matter and energy. Antimatter is being produced but it is still very expensive, however, it is the perfect form of energy storage that exists. It can be used as fuel for interplanetary travel. Composed of antiparticles, the antimatter is “built” in the same way that normal matter is composed of particles.

General Relativity Theory predicts “if traversable wormholes exist, they could allow time travel.”

Interview with a Maya Elder

     “To open the doors we need a key and this is what our rituals represent; the key to open the communication with our brothers from the sky. We need a ritual or invocation to open the dimensional portal and start our journey. Not everyone is capable to journey. Only a Chamán, Ah-men or someone that is well-prepared.” Maya Elder.

     “So, if you are going to travel you need to open the door by making a ritual, I understand. But, if the visitor comes through a portal, does he/she need a key?” I asked, “Or the visitor is always welcome and can come as he/she pleases?”

     “No Seňo, only in Wayeb when the portals are open they can come.” Maya Elder “How do I know when is Wayeb?” I asked. “You have to understand our Calendar.” he answered.

   “I am interested to know about December 2012, many people talk about it. Many people are making money with it in other countries. I do not see that in here. Is there going to be a big change?” MB

   “The portals will open. We are having problems with our government. The sites are not open for the Maya people. They are open for the foreigners and we need to go in, like before and do our rituals. We are not allowed. We need to go at different hours. We used to do our cleansing rituals, our energy rituals, (nuestras curanderas) our curing; that is all gone. They closed the doors as if we didn’t belong. We need to be there, inside. Not at the time they want us to be there, but when we need to be there. You understand?” Maya Elder

   “Yes, there is going to be a big change and we all have to work so that is swift and for the better. We all have to make our vibration up. We all have to unite. I do tell you Seňo, not even in your dreams you will imagine what is coming. Some people are still sleeping.” Maya Elder

2012 and the Maya Calendar

WAYEB – “the unlucky days.” To the eighteen regular months, the Maya added a special five-day called Wayeb’ composed of 5 unnamed and unlucky dangerous days. During Wayeb’ portals were open, disasters were probable, and cleaning was done.

Potential Worlds – 1,235 potential worlds identified by NASA – 50 billion planets in our galaxy? Planet probe spots hot prospects.

I’tzamná “the flying god” Tulúm ©María O. Baum

In Physics, a wormhole is a shortcut or bridge through space-time that connects two points.

The Maya, as other ancient civilizations, believed that there were portals or doors “Tzeltal,”or “Tzotzil ti’na,” that, at certain times, would open to allow visitors from the stars into their world.

  • One of them, the flying snake, Quetzalcohuātl, “feathered serpent” in Náhuatl, “came to create humanity, organize civilization and teach.”
  • The worship of this feathered deity is documented in different parts of Mesoamérica.
  • The Maya civilization documented his presence with a different name, but the same translation: Kukulcán, Gucumátz or Izamná, the “feathered serpent.”
  • In Tollan – Tolán (Tula and Teotihuacán, México), his name was Ce’Ácatl, Topiltziín, Quetzalcóatl or Nacxítl.
  • Quetzalcohuātl, was represented as a man coming out from a feathered serpent. A serpent that could fly because it had wings, and that could “slide” moving fast, on earth. He came from Venus and was related to the gods of the Wind (Dawn *See Tulúm, México).
  • The patron of knowledge was a very tall man, blue eyes, long white hair and very pale skin.

One of his teachings, was the construction and placement of different pyramids and temples. All of them, in a very well thought pattern, that would imitate the placement of different stars and planets. These pyramids and temples, were perfectly designed and constructed, with a plan in mind: high vibration, special energy and a message that we still can’t understand.


Mythological dragon-like serpents that fly, are represented in different parts of the world.

  • In Palenque, most people miss an intricate dragon that decorates the ledge of the building.
  • Near México City, there is a huge archaeological site, with perfectly placed pyramids and temples: Teotihuacán arose as a new religious center in the Mexican Highland, around the time of Christ…” Compare the measurements and placement of the pyramids with the ones in Gizah and the Orion Belt. This sacred city was called “el ombligo de la luna,” the belly-button of the moon. The locals say that still, the Portal opening from the belly-button, is in use.


The great philosopher Plato in“Timaeus”,Pythagoras, Thales de Miletus, Mozart, and many others, wrote about geometric patterns of energy.

  • Patterns of energy exist in ourselves, our Earth, and the Universe. There are geometric organized patterns in every level of life.
  • These geometric patterns of energy produce vibration that produce colors and music.
  • We all vibrate at different levels. These levels produce music, that produces patterns that produces energy. Each one unique; we all create a different “music” or vibration, we all produce a color. (Complete circle)
  • Principle of Vibration

I’tzamná “the flying god” – Tulúm © María O. Baum

Acupuncture “Shiji” 2nd.C. BC – China – The body is mapped making a geometric pattern and pointing the vortex of those “highways”. The meridians and the acupuncture points are manipulated by the use of needles or by electrical stimulus. The energy is moved in those mapped roads. The idea behind is that, stagnant energy, or energy that is not moving, will cause sickness.

Uxmal, in the Yucatán Peninsula, México – “Legend says that the pyramid was created in one night, by a dwarf. He could cut, move and place huge stones just by the pitch of his whistle that produced a magical vibration. This dwarf was the son of a sorcerer or magician.”

  • Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that teaches the patterns of the Yin/Yang (positive and negative vibration). These forces are interconnected, yin the female, yang the male; cold and hot, low and high, etc. Everything has vibration, everything has the two aspects, they complement and interact. With these rules we can arrange the flow of Qi (energy). The Qi or Chi has vibration, sound and color. Great thinking went into placing things, colors and patterns to move the energy.

Not only in China we see the philosophy of vibration, patterns and energy flow. All around the world, in ancient civilizations, these patterns were used. The Aborigines in Australia, the Egyptians, Greeks, Maya, Toltec, DaVinci, Mozart, Raphael, etc..

The idea of moving energy in a fast, precise way, is very old. The Earth has geometric patterns of energy that criss-cross the globe creating powerful Vortex areas. These Vortex areas are precisely mapped on Earth.

Structures, Pyramids and Ancient Temples

  • Structures, pyramids and ancient temples were geometrically zoned to accentuate the Vortex creating powerful, energy-filled and sacred places. One of the theories is that if you travel through a powerful energy source you can travel between different dimensions. To do this, you enter through portals or doorways.
  • In Perú, Guatemala, México, Arizona, Egypt, and many other places in the globe, there are legends of portals that were used to enter other dimensions.
  • Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, almost in the border with Perú – Locals say that tall beings enter and leave at certain times through “portales” – portals, some of them inside the lake..
  • Markawasi, the stone forest in Perú, is still a mystery. It has formations that depict figures that pre-date the Inca empire. There are stories of light, tall people that appear and disappear from certain portals.
  • Near México City, there is a small place that is being guarded by the locals. Because it is at the end of the road, not too many people know of it. A big sign announces: “Here is where the sandals of Quetzalcóatl are buried. We do not want strangers.” The sandals of Quetzalcohuātl, were magic; he could fly with them. Moving lights can be seen at top of the strange mountains that surround the place. Several pyramids are on the top of a very difficult to climb mountain. Why would they built pyramids that are so hard to reach having the valley? The locals say that several times a year, the portals open to allow travel between different dimensions.
  • Uxmal, Cobá, Palenque, Bacalar, Chicanná, Tepoztlán, and many other sites in México, are well known for the unusual activity. In Guatemala, Africa, Malta, parts of France and other places in the world are legends of portals.
  • The Max Planck Institute is experimenting in dematerializing subatomic particles and moving them in other places.

“Tall beings were expected to return to the ancient civilizations in Mesoamérica. When the Spanish invaded, the locals thought that their gods were returning.”

Is it now time for the gates to open once more as the Maya predicted? But why did they predicted the exact date if stories keep on coming of portals where visitors often appear?

Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, String Theory – Magnetic Fog – Electric Fog – Site under construction. Please come back.

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"El Duende," a Maya Legend: The Three Treasures: Let's Explore!Bilingual Book Series/Series de Libros Bilingües

“El Duende,” a Maya Legend: The Three Treasures: Let’s Explore!
Bilingual Book Series/Series de Libros Bilingües

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